Shark EVO-One 2 Lithion Dual KUA

Shark EVO-One 2 Lithion Dual KUA

Shark EVO-One 2 Slasher WKS

Shark EVO-One 2 Slasher WKS

Shark EVO-One 2 Lithion Dual KUR

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Latest Version Of Sharks Dual Homologated Stylish Feature Packed Flip Front

Internal Drop Down Sun Visor and PinLock Equipped

Shark EVO-One 2

The Shark Evo-One 2 is the latest incarnation of Sharks modular helmet that is both ECE certified as a jet and a full face helmet. While that alone is not unique in this day and age, what really sets it apart is how it works in practice.

'Whereas most flip fronts have the visor on top of the chin section, and thus the visor must be lifted with the chin section this is not the case with the Evo-One 2. With the visor closed, lift up the chin bar and the visor retracts, allowing the chin bar to go over the visor and right to the rear of the helmet. This keeps the helmet compact when in its jet configuration, but you can also then move the visor down. Then move the chin bar back from the rear and the visor retracts again allowing the chin bar to pass over it and youre back to a full face helmet. It all sounds very complicated, and it is in terms of technology, but its innovative execution means it is easy to use. The bottom line is you can switch from a full face helmet, to a streamlined functional open faced helmet with just one movement. Shark call this their Auto-up/Auto-down system and the patent makes it unique to them.'

Whilst this functionality is undoubtedly the highlight for the helmet, there are still plenty of other features including an internal drop down sun visor, a rear helmet spoiler and a plush interior making a fantastic touring or commuting helmet. Please see below for the full specification.


  • Injected thermoplastic shell
  • Shell in 2 sizes for compactness
  • PinLock included in the box
  • Enhanced kinematic visor
  • Visor AutoSeal for quietness and dryness
  • Aerodynamic design for quietness and stability
  • Easily operated internal drop down Sun Visor
  • Equipped with Auto Up / Auto Down mechanism as described above
  • Dual homologated for use as a full face and a jet helmet
  • Chin cover included
  • Micrometric chin strap
  • Weight 1650g (size M)
  • Designed for use for those who wear glasses and those who dont
  • SharkTooth Bluetooth ready
  • Removable and washable soft touch lining
  • Shark 5 Year Warranty


Dual homologated for use as full face and open face helmet

Certified to ECE 22.05 standard


  • XS : 53-54cm
  • S : 55-56cm
  • M : 57-58cm
  • L : 59-60cm
  • XL : 61-62cm
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