Schuberth C4 Visor - Clear

Schuberth C4 Visor - Clear

Schuberth C4 PinLock 120 - Clear

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Schuberth C4 PinLock 120 Lense Clear

Pinlock® is widely recognized, by industry professionals and consumers, for it’s top performing fog-resistant insert lenses.

Pinlock® proudly announces an updated range of fog resistant insert lenses. By widening the range Pinlock® is able to offer eachtype of rider the best solution for their riding needs.

The Pinlock® 120 fog resistant insert lens is the solution for professionals. This lens is specially developed for usage in extreme conditions such as on the racetrack or adventure riding.


  • PINLOCK® 120Dry hydrophilic technology
  • Double shield system
  • Most used fog resistant system worldwide
  • Easy to install

Please note - The Pinlock comes in 2 sizes, Small or Large. Please select your option from the dropdown menu above.

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