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Nexx X.R2 Dark Division

Hidden eXperiments. Delving into the mysteries of dark matter, a secret and selected group of designers and engineers conduct experiments that could transform the field of motorcycle helmets. The intense secrecy surrounding a place where ground-breaking research and development are happening.

Meet Dark Division, NEXX's new line of premium carbon fibre and aramid helmets. This hybrid technology combines the properties of two unique reinforcement yarns. Carbon provides high levels of stiffness and strength, whereas Aramid provides huge impact / abrasion / fracture resistance.

In a top-secret lab, in an undiscolsed location, the future is being imagines. #jointhedark

The X.R2 has made a number of modifications to the design, creating a helmet that holds the technical basis of the X.R1.R, but offers a refined aerodynamics and aero-acoustics, with even greater level of comfort and new sport/track solutions.

Please Note: This helmet comes with a clear visor + Smoke 80% visor + PinLock


  • Carbon fibre external shell construction
  • Refined aerodynamics and aeroacoustics with increased levels of comfort for sport and track
  • Super lightweight at approx 1300gr (+/-50g)
  • Real side peripheral vision with wide angle viewport
  • Pinlock ready visor, prepared for the use of tear-off strips
  • Visor easy locking system allows greater soundproofing and hermetic sealing
  • Three air inlets including a chin ventilation system for quick defogging
  • Four air outlets for hot air expulsion
  • Easy Flow EPS liner channels distribute the cool air into the interior while increasing the exhaust of hot air
  • 3D formed interiors are fully removable and washable with anti-sweat and anti-allergic coatings
  • X-Mart Dry fabrics that keep the wearer cool and dry on hot and provide insulation on colder days
  • Double D-ring chin strap fastening system
  • Reflective details to aid visibility


  • ECE 22.05 Certified
  • DOT Approved

Size Guide

  • XS : 53-54cm
  • S : 55-56cm
  • M : 57-58cm
  • L : 59-60cm
  • XL : 61-62cm
  • XXL : 63-64cm
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