Interphone Crab - USB Fast Charger

Interphone Crab - USB Fast Charger

Interphone Crab Phone Holder: Wireless Charge

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This phone holder wires into the bike and your device automatically charges wirelessly.

The holder comes with an array of shims, meaning that it will fit on to any handlebar diameter.

Interphone say the holder will hold any phone with a screen of up to 6.2” in size - any phone with a width that is between 65mm and 95mm in width.

  • PA66 + GF + Aluminum
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Wireless Charging technology
  • Input Voltage: DC12-24V - MAX power: 15W
  • Charge your device while you are riding
  • Accessories: Two sets of plastic spacers for 25 mm, 22 mm and 12 mm - One Hex key - One extra fuse - One rearview mirror mount - One extension with double joint - One adhesive rubber strip
  • Suitable for any device with a width of 65-90 mm
  • Will fit handlebars Ø 12 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm,32 mm
  • IP66
  • Built-in ON/OFF switch
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