The BMW Motorrad Bluetooth communication system allows wireless communication between two helmets and other Bluetooth components such as a navigation system, mobile phone or MP3 player. 

Communicate, call, enjoy music and still stay on track via the TFT monitor of the BMW Motorrad Navigator: The Bluetooth based communication system convinces with effortless handling, low weight and a perfect audio experience. The system offers wireless voice communication between two helmets for driver and passenger.

Additionally, paring is possible between your smartphone and the BMW Motorrad Navigator, the TFT monitor, or the audio system (only via the BMW audio platform). The automatic noise reduction, call acceptance, and music playback ensures an excellent communication experience.

With the new third generation of the communications system for the System 7 Carbon helmet in addition to the even longer service life riding motorcycles with the help of additional features has been made even more comfortable.

From now on, the 3. generation is available for the following BMW Motorrad helmets as well: Helm System 6, Helm GS Carbon, Helm AirFlow. The BMW Motorrad communications system is available for most of the recent models.

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