Arai Profile-V Solid Calm Red

Arai Profile-V Solid Calm Red

Arai Profile-V Solid Modern Grey

Arai Profile-V Solid Modern Grey

Arai profile-V Solid Diamond Black

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Arai Profile-V Solid Diamond Black

The Profile-V is a brand-new helmet from Arai. It has a fresh, aggressive style unique in the range and is designed to welcome riders to the Arai family with the plush comfort, protection and features expected of the brand.

Like every Arai the Profile-V uses a strong outer shell designed to glance off impact forces, while maintaining integrity, working with a softer one-piece multi-density EPS inner liner to absorb and spread impact energy. It's designed around the Variable Axis System (VAS) for a smoother shape plus reinforcing Hyper Ridge that lowers the centre of gravity and flares out 5mm to make putting it off easier. It's equipped with dual intake vents, brow vents and a 3-way chin vent plus 5 exhausts. The VAS-V Max vision visor is pinlock ready and uses the Arai F1-derived latch machanism; the semi-removable interior features Facial Contour System (FCS) and speaker pockets. The optional Pro Shade System (PSS) can be equipped. The Arai experience starts here.


Full ventilation is based around 11 ventilation points: 5-intake and 6-exhausts. Dual intake vents, dual brow vents and a 3-way chin vent flowing cool air into the Profile-V's interior. A total of 5 holes in the shell feed hot air out - twin side exhausts create low pressure that 'sucks' air through; foam dams minimise noise without affecting performance. The neck exhaust and one-piece rear exhaust increase ventilation and enhances extraction of hot air for improved rider comfort.


  • PB e-cLc outer shell
  • Variable Axis System (VAS)
  • 5mm wider base
  • Semi-removable interior
  • Facial Contour System (FCS)


  • XS (54cm)
  • S (56cm)
  • M (58cm)
  • L (60cm)
  • XL (62cm)
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