AGV AX9 Trail Gunmetal / Orange

AGV AX9 Trail Gunmetal / Orange

AGV X3000 Gloss Black

AGV X3000 Gloss Black

AGV X3000 AGO 1

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AGV Legends X3000 AGO 1 Agostini Limited Edition

Only 3000 have been made to celebrate this Limited Edition piece!

Same Classic Looks But Modernised to Meet Current Safety Standards

AGV Legends X3000

With so much history, we were wondering when AGV would release their version of a modernised full face classic. Well finally it is here, and what a masterpiece it is.

Part of the brand new AGV Legends series, the X3000 takes this helmet sector to a new level. Leather trim, suede interior and a compact lightweight fibreglass shell are just some of the features. But unlike other classic helmets where ventilation is often over looked, or clearly an afterthought, this is where the X3000 differentiates itself from the competition. Look closely and you will see at the top of the visor a small strip of rubber. This is removed to reveal ventilation channels into the helmet to keep the rider cool, and the rubber goes in its own specially designed pocket at the bottom of the helmet for safe keeping. This is a really great touch, because lets be honest this is a nice weather helmet, not one you would wear for a drenched tour or inclement commute, but one you would wear for a summer blast, and its fits the bill perfectly. Completing the aesthetic is the iconic AGV logo that adorns the front of the helmet.

Please below for the full specification.


  • Fibreglass shell in 3 sizes for a compact fit
  • Visor on-off air vent with channels hollowed in the shell for rider comfort
  • Premium interior with genuine leather, suede fabric, and embroidered logos
  • Fully removable and washable interior (excluding the leather neck roll)
  • Anti scratch visor with micro opening system
  • Dual button visor that can be opened with just the left hand
  • Double D ring retention system
  • Contoured chin piece chin piece just like the Agostini orginal (this allowed him to lean right up against the tank)
  • Cloth helmet bag (the limited edition AGO 1 includes a leather helmet bag)


Certified to ECE 22.05 standard


  • XS : 53-54cm
  • S : 55cm
  • MS : 56cm
  • ML : 57-58cm
  • L : 59cm
  • XL : 60-61cm
  • XXL : 62-63cm
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