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The Top Five Open Face Helmets

By Designer Helmets on 14th August 2013
Open Face Helmets
A guide to our top open face helmets from brands like Premier, Momo, BMW and GPA.
Open face helmets can offer comfort, freedom, the widest range of visibility while offering a cool and vintage look. A perfect choice for amazing for summer riding as open face helmets truly allow you to experience the elements of the open road. While Open Face helmets don’t offer the same protection as full face, they still adhere to high standards of safety and resilience.


The Jet Vintage helmet from Premier is the ultimate in retro style, constructed from modern, cutting edge materials. This helmet comes in an UV protection sun visor integrated into the lightweight and robust fibreglass shell.

Completed with bold and elegant branding and impressive design, the Premier Jet Vintage is available in the pictured union jack graphics, the Premier Jet Vintage is a must for any mod or vintage fan and is available in a variety of different colourways from £149.99 - £249.99.


The Hi-Jack is a best selling collaboration between world renowned helmet manufacturers AGV and fashionable lifestyle brand Diesel.

Engineered to AGV’s world leading standards, the Hi-Jack comes with a clear visor as standard. With the respected quality of AGV and the design skills and creativity of Diesel, this helmet is an impressive feat of fashion and function.

Extremely popular upon release, the Diesel Hi-Jack is currently available from designer helmets. It comes in a number of different colour combinations, including the pictured matt grey/black striped pattern. Pick one up for £159.99, all of which come complete with a Diesel shoulder bag.


The AirFlow 2 is BMW’s premium open face helmet model,  boasting modern design and high-grade materials throughout it’s construction.

Not only does the Airflow 2 look good, it also functions superbly. It’s optimally positioned airflow openings and ducts can be opened or closed depending on the needs of the rider, to sustain a comfortable and ambient temperature. Compared to other helmets in this category, the BMW Airflow 2 is superior in terms of aerodynamics and wind noise reduction.

The AirFlow 2 is compatible with the BMW Motorrad communication system and is ECE-22-02 compliant with or without the communication system installed.

Overall, the AirFlow 2 is a fantastic motorcycle helmet for hot weather due to its unsurpassed ventilation. The Airflow 2 is an award winning that has been given accolades for it’s outstanding design quality.


Crafted in Italy, the GPA Tornado is a strikingly designed and aggressively styled helmet combining all the impressive aesthetics only possible with an open face helmet.

The GPA Tornado comes two visors, a separate clear and sun visor that is operational using an adjustable pull down lever. The shell is made from thermoplastic resin and provides excellent impact distribution and absorption, without being too heavy. This helmet takes inspiration from the classic layout of a fighter pilot helmet, forming a comfortable and secure fit for any rider.

You can purchase a GPA Tornado for just £169.00, available in a range of colours and detailed graphics.


The Hero from Momo is a formed of a robust fibreglass shell and sealed with high quality Italian leather, completed with Momo’s distinctive embossed branding

With all the modern advancements in safety and technology and a distinctive vintage style, the Momo Hero has a quality that is unreplicated in the motorcycle world. Perfect for an urban motorcycle or scooter rider, the Hero also features a sweat-absorbent lining and an inner mesh formed of antibacterial and easy to clean fabric.

The inner material is removable and the cheek pads are exchangeable and available in a host of different sizes to ensure ultimate comfort for the user. The Hero is a helmet for the more discerning rider, someone looking for a piece of Italian style, as well as a tough and high quality helmet.

You can purchase a Momo Hero in a variety of different colourways, available for just £219.99.