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The Schuberth M1, the greatest open face helmet ever?

By Robbie Decker on 2nd June 2015
The Schuberth M1 combines all the best features you could want in an open face helmet. In this blog we explore those features in great detail and question whether this helmet could be the best open face there has ever been...


Schuberth released the Metropolitan 1 at the back end of 2014. It was the helmet to replace the old favourite J1 open face helmet. The J1 was a fantastic helmet with many great features so the M1 had big shoes to fill. Half a year on from the M1's release it's fair to say Schuberth have produced another winner. 
The M1 combines all the best features you could want in a jet-style helmet. The large outer visor gives the rider a superb field of vision as well as providing the perfect balance of air circulation despite the visor extending beyond the rider's chin. There is also an inner visor which is very easy to operate and gives the rider excellent protection from sunlight. The ventilation has been well thought-out with a stylish top vent with three air channels and one air extractor at the rear of the helmet which can be closed should the rider want to retain the air in the helmet. 

The M1's shell is another major plus point as it is perfectly rounded, lightweight and is aerodynamic due to the ridge that runs right from the back of the helmet round the sides. This simple ridge design means the rider's head is not rocked about by wind, it will remain still reducing stress on the neck whilst adding an element of style. 

Without a doubt the best feature of the M1 is the bluetooth setup the helmet holds. A microphone and speakers are built in underneath the cheekpads on either side meaning the parts do not detract from the look of the helmet as they are well hidden. To complete the bluetooth setup of the M1 the SRC communication system can be bought separately and the device is simply fixed into the back of the helmet.

What's more? You can customise the M1 to get the exact look you want in your helmet. With various outer and inner visors as well as alternative ventilation parts you can mould the M1 to suit you. All available to buy separately on our website. 


Is this the best open-face helmet ever?

In my personal opinion I would say a resounding yes. 

Open face helmets are mainly used for touring and the M1 is undoubtedly a perfect touring helmet. The designers have thought about everything from ventilation to communication and style and the outcome is the smart looking, technically immense Metropolitan 1. 

To top it all off the price of the M1 is very reasonable. Prices starting from £299 for the Vienna White design, and £329 for the various other colours. There are many other open face helmets on the market with nothing like the amount of features the M1 carries, costing more than this helmet. 

Below are some customer reviews of the Schuberth M1:

"I have a Schuberth full face also, and it is the best of all the helmets I've had. I wanted a helmet with a little more visibility, especially when riding aggressively. I ride a BMW 650 GT so there is a lot of wind coverage which can sometimes restrict air flow a little. The face shield goes down past the chin, but still allows enough air to circulate as well. This helmet is very well made, and has more protection than other helmets too. It's worth the money. I love it."

"I just got my M1 last week and have used it every day before writing this review. It is a fantastic helmet! I have many helmets but for summer use the M1 is my favourite. It looks great, feels great and is amazingly quiet for a 3/4 face helmet. I can't wait to get the communication system for it! Well worth the money!"

"Lightweight...Awesome helmet. Worth every penny. Love the way the helmet fits as well as how you have an option of getting airflow on a hot day. I would definitely recommend it for any type of rider."

Click this link to shop for the Schuberth M1: http://designerhelmets.com/shop/helmets/brand/schuberth/m1-/