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Schuberth SRC-System C3 Review

By Designer Helmets on 25th July 2013
Schuberth SRC System
Here’s our review of the Schuberth SRC-System Bluetooth Radio and Intercom system.
The SRC-System is a communication system that can be integrated with Schuberth C3 helmets and has been developed in partnership with Cardo Systems. Featuring a host of innovative functions, the SRC can be used as soon as it’s charged and plugged in, just link this piece of equipment to any Bluetooth capable device like a phone, Mp3 player or GPS navigational device.

Intercom System

One of the main benefits of having any inbuilt communication is that riders can contact each other at any time. Users of the SRC can reach fellow riders from up to 300 metres away using the Schuberth intercom system.

This functionality coexists with the mp3 and radio capabilities too, as speaking or receiving intercom messages will silence the music momentarily, being automatically reconnected when users speak again, or by the touch of a button.

With the SRC, not only people driving cars will be able to receive GPS instructions. Using the Bluetooth capability riders can have directions fed directly into their helmets, making navigation that much more simple. Using this same Bluetooth system, the SRC can also accept calls using the voice command function of the intercom. This same technique can also be used to gain traffic advice and insights.

MP3 / Radio

Most commonly available MP3 players can be connected to the SRC-System via the multifunctional USB interface. If the MP3 device supports Bluetooth A2DP technology, meaning there’s no need for cables. This communications system can also store up to six radio stations by automatically locating those with the strongest signal.

Another innovative and extremely useful feature is the intelligent volume control. The faster you ride and the increased noise that is generated is offset by the volume of the music, which increases accordingly, then drops quieter as you slow down. As we mentioned earlier, your music will also be silenced once the intercom is activated, creating a seamless audio channel for all your music and communications.

The Benefits of Helmet Communication Systems

There are many benefits to having access to the benefits of a helmet communication system, especially if you frequently ride with other people or have a passenger. The ability to hold a full conversation while riding with other people is a welcome relief, as you will know if you’ve ever had to shout over roaring wind and phalanx of engines on a long journey.

Just having this functionality make life much easier in many respects, no more hand signals or having to get in close proximity with other riders to explain a change of plans or arrange to stop. Plus most journeys could be made a little more interesting by the addition of some music.

We thoroughly recommend the Schuberth SRC-System, as it allows you to enjoy all the perks you would expect and has plenty of innovative features to make operation as simple and enjoyable as possible.